This page is just a temporary reference to the concepts of the GPS Business App being developed from proven concepts from a previous app I made.

Proposed Treatment Tracker (COVID-19) Application

Seven Days... 120+ hours of labor... 10 hours of sleep... One Goal.

Please note that while this was designed with COVID19 Treatment Center location as the target focus, it was designed with versatility in mind so that it may be used to facilitate a repository of any information in app form; such as tracking supplies like respirators, ventilators, etc. on a location-by-location basis to help officials better allocate such limited supplies.

I need an official backing from a government official or national healthcare service to put this out. Please help spread the word and it should reach someone soon by the "6 degrees of seperation" theory, so please help by sharing this.

The problem I have with releasing this program is that as of 5 days ago, Google and Apple require a government or health facility backing to release apps of such a nature because too many people were creating applications to locate afflicted individuals. As announced here by Forbes

Visual Understanding (images cropped from screenshots)

The data input for the testing images below were taken from the publically posted Miami-Dade treatment centers. This was an arbitrary choice, but also had various ranges of facility types and variables that helped for testing purposes.

Accessing the document via the dedicated link allows for easy official editting without the need for log-in. This link will be shared with the appropriate officials to list/de-list locations.

Ability to edit without login

The public posted, read-only, data I'm posting for the application is located here, same as the image below

Inability to publically edit

Showing pulled locations on map relative to Google Maps GPS for pin accuracy illustration during development

Hard Rock Stadium


Marlin's Way Stadium


Larkin Community Hospital


Functioning Application in Action, using 26.0281452N,-80.1142111E (Hollywood Beach, North Broadwalk, Hollywood, FL 33019, United States of America) as User fed GPS with below screenshot and video as successful results.

Ability to edit without login


For the public to quickly find proper treatment locations while also allowing for easy posting/de-listing by officials without the need for application updates.

(Document has a 5 minute refresh time, as shown in the image above)

Ease of Posting and De-listing is beneficial in events such-as:

* posting of new emergency or overflow locations;

* removing of locations from overflow issues, supply issues, natural disaster, etc..

* or anything else really

General User's End

The application's usage is very easy to understand and auto-loads GPS and sorts nearby locations via distance

Government & Healthcare Input

A public document has been set up as a relay point for the application to pull. This document would be shared between officials to list appropriate parameters for the treatment locations. If ever needed, the application can point to different forms with a simple app update, so if this were developed into something as an official statement notifier, a simple app update can change where the app is getting data from for whatever issue it's designed for.

(Clarification on 'shared': This means editing the document via authorized link, there is no actual sharing of ANYTHING outside of the document, for simplicity and security purposes)

My apologies on the lack of site style. Thank you for you time and interest. Stay safe v(^_^)V

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