What is Spero?

Spero is a 3D design program built around game controls to allow anyone with an understanding of basic computer movement controls (commonly known as WASD/mouse controls) to create 3D models for use in 3D printing, in-game modes/animation, or as C# scripts to use in other projects. If you can play a computer game, you can use this program.

*3D Platformer Game Mode and Mobile versions currently in development.

Known Issues

No known issues as of current version 1.07. If a bug or issue is found, please inform me via email at: support@salvationofecho.com

*To fix the bug from v1.06, if you had a design's 3D model (.stl file) building backwards: Load the design, Go into Edit Mode, Click design to select it, then Save it.

Intellectual Property Rights

Anything you create, that doesn't belong to someone else, is YOURS. This program, Spero, (formerly Art Through Programming), including all scripts, algorithms, textures, and concepts pertaining to the program, unless owned by Unity or another entity, are the intellectual property of me (Scott R. Sheffield II). Anything you create within Spero, unless owned by someone else, is your intellectual property. Here's to literally building a better world. Cheers~

Terms of Service

By downloading and/or using this software, 'Spero', formerly 'Art Through Programming', you agree to these terms:

* Any creations made with this program are made at the user's discretion. The developer is not responsible for user created content.

For support, advertising, sales, or partnerships; please email me at: admin@scaisoftware.com

For the latest updates, follow me on Twitter: @SalvationOfEcho

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3D printable .stl model

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