Advertising in Spero

How can it be ad-free and still have ads?

Spero is designed around the construction and transmission of data sets for both Personal Builders and Company/Brand Advertisement Packs. Any brand advertising through Spero will be allowed up to 5 creations and 1 level design for players to use in their game modes. Advertisers need only provide a .stl model and the texture they wish posted. You may use Spero to design these or provide the .stl model and textures from an outside source.

Business Model

Taking a standard advertising budget into consideration:

Starting at $1000 per month for the first advertiser, each subsequent advertiser causes subtracts 1% from the total cost. This lowers the total cost for each advertisers' "pack" as the community of advertisers grows.

The numbers:

1 advertiser = advertiser pays $1000 per month

13 advertisers = advertisers pay $894.90 per month


71 advertisers = advertisers pay $499.31 per month


> If you're interested in advertising in Spero or have any questions, please email me at

Made by Scott R. Sheffield II